Wildlife Gardening and Conservation

Have a fresh look at your grounds

In the time running CG&W Ltd, we have gained a valuable insight into land management that benefits people at the same time as wildlife and ecosystems which has prompted us to set up Eco Landcare to focus on wilding and more ecologically friendly land management.. Thousands of hectares of Britain are industrial, residential, retail and agricultural leaving very little actually ‘wild’. Such sites are ideally placed to be “doing their bit” for the environment and those using these areas. It is often more economic to manage land in this way and sites needn’t look unkempt or derelict, in fact the opposite may well apply.

Scale of Works

Whether a site covers many acres or just a couple of beds on the edge of the car park it can probably be made better for wildlife and users with a little more careful planting and maintenance and in many cases considerable reductions in maintenance costs can be achieved.

All of our operatives are qualified to carry out the work they do. We also work closely with ecologists, wildlife experts, community groups, Trusts and so on.


You can come to us for

  • Pond installation
  • Planting flowers
  • Birdboxes
  • Child-friendly gardens and more

Our Partners

Established for over 30 years. Our dedicated team of 12 staff members are all fully trained and qualified.