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Tree planting

If you need to plant trees, we’ve got a wealth of expertise that’ll be useful for you. From consultancy to planting, we’re always happy to help ensure that the job gets done right.


Plantation maintenance

Having planted your trees or created your woodland, we can offer a complete maintenance, establishment and maintenance program, completely catered to all of your individual needs.


Woodland creation

If you’re creating a woodland, we know you’ve got a hundred things to think about. From site clearance and planning to fencing and path construction, we can help make the woodland of your dreams.


Reliable team of foresters

We have been associated with the Woodland Trust for 30 years and continue to serve them. You can also approach Country Gardens and Woodlands for estate, landscape and public access work. Contact us today.


The ethos embedded in Country Gardens and Woodlands and Eco Landcare is one of care, maintenance and rejuvenation of our landscape and ecosystems.

Due mostly to industrial scale farming practices our landscape has been turned into something our grandparents and great grandparents wouldn’t recognise. This along with bad forestry and industry practices has put our environment, wildlife and ecosystems in terrible jeopardy.

Changes in farming practices will be a lengthy process but hopefully with changes in policy the tide will turn soon. Many thousands of hectares of the UK are covered in gardens, industrial sites, parks, roadside verges and this is where we feel things should start. The fantastic thing about this is that, in the long run, it will save you money!

Manicured grounds are of little use to wildlife and are costly both in monetary terms and environmentally with fossil fuelled machines needlessly cutting grass leaving little habitat. Our perception of what looks good needs to change quickly before we lose any more species.

Manicured areas can quickly and relatively cheaply be converted into havens for flora and fauna and improving areas for human enjoyment. It has been proven that the benefits of grounds used by people for recreation, walking to work, sitting in a traffic jam, eating your lunch or having a fag are greater when not manicured and wildlife is allowed in.

We offer free initial consultation on projects of biodiversity and rewilding. This may just involve a walk around a site or garden where we listen to your requirements, we can then make suggestions tailored to your needs. This could be through some re-landscaping or better still by simply changing your maintenance regime. Wilding does not necessarily mean unkempt or untidy as it can be done sympathetically and an individual site basis.

Since the Second World War we have lost:

  • thousands of ancient woods; 75,000 miles of hedgerows and 97% of wildflower meadows
  • 90% of wetland since the Industrial Revolution
  • 80% of Britain’s lowland and heathland since 1800
  • There are 40 million less birds in the UK than in 1966
  • In 1970 we had 20 million pairs of farmland birds. By 1990 we had lost half of them. By 2010 the number has halved again.

“I have employed the services of Country Gardens and Woodlands regularly for over 15 years on a variety of practical woodland management operations and consultancy type work. Over that time I have found their performance to be reliable and efficient with work delivered to a very high standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.”

Jane Thomas
Woodland Officer

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Established for over 30 years. Our dedicated team of 12 staff members are all fully trained and qualified.